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Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

As the annual flagship Association VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) cheap Lenovo VIBE Z2 continues Lenovo k series signature fiddle shape, as well as the metal fuselage. Although the hardware configuration reduces a lot, but still reached 600nit highest screen brightness and in renewing the ultra slim design and relatively low prices are also more accessible.

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

On the design, may inadvertently think Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) to another. Lenovo VIBE Z2 continues a strong domineering, angular design, all-metal design, as well as drawing lines, still likes for recovering metal control. Positive a 5.5-inch screen, although border does not associate VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) are slender, but nice enough. GUCCI iPhone Case

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Top receiver, front-facing cameras, sensors, respectively, as well as LED lights.

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Lenovo VIBE Z2 touch key for an entity, on the design and arrangement with Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920), is the menu key, Home key, and return keys, respectively.

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Design of Lenovo VIBE Z2 to the volume button and the power button on the same side, and place a relatively lower, one-handed operation is easy to operate.

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Lenovo VIBE Z2 is still designed for dual SIM card dual standby, also 4G card slot support.

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Top and bottom, respectively, a headphone jack, speakers, and a Mirco USB interface, while the bottom seems like dual speaker design, but it is only the left speaker.

Sophisticated niche Lenovo VIBE Z2 tours

Although Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) for 16 million pixels, Lenovo VIBE Z2 reduced to 13 million pixels, but remains down to the more important optical image stabilization, camera also highlighted reservations, of course.

More interesting is that compared to the Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) camera for the red circle logo, Lenovo's silver VIBE Z2. In the IFA publication, Lenovo VIBE Z2 rendering on the back of the camera is red, and engineering tests of measuring machine for silver, not clear if the retail version will use red.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 metal body still has a bright side, and is built around the entire body, compared with Lenovo's VIBE Z2 Pro (K920), more integrated, and beautiful.

Because of the different screen sizes, differences in body size are the two more obvious. May be due to the different product positioning, its back metal pattern is also different. Compared to the Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) suits, Lenovo VIBE of Z2 is more refined young, very dynamic atmosphere.

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Due to changes in dimensions, Lenovo VIBE Z2 on the one hand quite comfortable, to listen to my one-hand operation limits.

As the flagship location of Lenovo VIBE Z2 Pro (K920) while in form design, hardware configuration, and shooting ability make people appreciate very, but more expensive price turned a lot of people. And continues the same design and abilities complement Lenovo VIBE of Z2 is very good, its performance also makes us look forward to.

Lenovo VIBE Z2 used the 1.2GHz's MSM8916 processor, the 64-bit processor performance in performance, makes the use of 720P 5.5-inch screen has a good experience? This 600nit screen brightness as well as a 3000mAh battery, how does in terms of experience and actual use? These questions we will answer your questions.

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Millet 4C

In India millet 4I released version, which the machines will feature a 5-inch 1080p display, carrying the two A57 1.82GHz Xiao long, four A53 1.44 CPU core 8,086 core processor run built-in 2GB/3GB memory and 16GB/32GB the body storage, equipped with 5 million pixels front + rear 13 million pixels lens combination. GUCCI iPhone 6 Cases

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